cropped-ae86fc-logo-banner.jpgStarted from the bottom as an underground gathering of some of the world’s most hardcore Toyota AE86 aficionados, we have finally emerged as a legitimate organization. As the founder and operator of the AE86 Fightclub, I can proudly state that we have modeled our club in great secrecy and rebellion against the mainstream digitization of cars. Having full analog control of a vehicle and not being reliant on electronically assisted driving is what drives our passion to push ourselves to the breaking point. We tune, drive, break, fix, and repeat. FightclubFontana

The clandestine meetings are only known to the exclusive members who have devoted their lives to this cult-status automobile, where now this website gives a small glimpse into what has become a global phenomenon. Based and founded in Los Angeles, California United States, our membership has spanned across 4 continents and has remained stable with the aid of vast organizations and corporations’ help. Many working professionals make up the membership of the club and you may be working with one of these members without even knowing…

Our objective is to contribute to the cause of keeping the AE86 spirit alive. Without going into detail on how legendary this chassis is and respected by many professional motorsports drivers and engineers, the fact is that this chassis is becoming more and more difficult to acquire. Our duty is to preserve and prevent the AE86 from becoming extinct.

The first rule of AE86 Fightclub: “Do not talk about AE86 Fight Club.” The second rule of AE86 Fight Club: “Do not talk about AE86 Fight Club.”

Let the Project Mayhem begin.



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