Light, Nimble, and Keeps you Broke!! F12 Zenki Coupe

The AE86FC car feature for the month of January belongs to a passionate enthusiast who loves the AE86 platform so much that when he sold his old coupe a few years ago he got back into it and acquired another one.  Talk about going full circle, however this time around things got even better! He is also a contributing editor for AE86 Fightclub and is willing to share his journey towards the perfect build. (stay tuned for his articles)

Meet Feras, one of the long-time dedicated AE86 Fightclub member who has built this masterpiece fueled by pure passion of this chassis.

 photo IMG_6734_zpsjvmowkak.jpg

AE86FC: For introduction’s sake, please tell us your name and what are your hobbies?

Feras: My name is Feras Faraj and my hobbies are just spending time with family and working on my car. Any day I can wrench on the car or hang out with the family is a good day.

 photo IMG_6692_01_zpsgkx0ad8u.jpg

AE86FC: If you have a few words to describe the AE86 Corolla what would it be?

Feras: Light, Nimble, and Keeps you broke! (lol)

 photo IMG_6730_zpsi5jbq3bi.jpg

 photo IMG_6700_zps2ye9zaxn.jpg

AE86FC: What cars were you driving prior to getting into the AE86 saddle?

Feras: I had a Nissan 350Z and Honda S2000. Before that I had a BMW 3 series. All of those had stability management systems and more power. I kind of downgraded going to a Corolla but not really because this car is more fulfilling.

 photo IMG_6707_01_zpszumjc9wa.jpg

 photo IMG_6706_zpskycxsban.jpg

 photo IMG_6736_zpsvt1cxg0b.jpg

AE86FC: What inspired you to get into the AE86 platform? A lot of people get their inspiration through drift events, reading manga (Japanese comics), going to car shows, or through the anime series called Initial D. So what’s your inspiration?

Feras: So at the time I was doing track days I was scared of blowing a motor or crashing a car that was financed, so I thought the Corolla would be a cheap and affordable track car. I also thought an engine replacement was going to be $500, so no problem there. That originally got me into the car and I started taking it to a few events per year. It’s very fun, but it’s not cheap, not cheap at all!

 photo IMG_6749_01_zpssssr5bcf.jpg

 photo IMG_6761_01_zpsdrul6tvu.jpg

 photo IMG_6745_zpsebebdbfl.jpg

Ed: As you’ve mentioned before you were driving high powered cars in the past. As we all know the AE86 Corolla is not in that bracket. And as far as motoring technology goes, the AE86 is simply an old, antiquated, 80s technology. With that said, what’s the driving force behind your passion to keep this platform?

Feras: What I like about the car is its nimbleness. It’s not easy to drive, but you get the satisfaction that you are not relying on technology to keep you from sliding or spinning. The other thing with newer cars is how common they are. It’s easy to spot 5 different people in the same city with the same spec car, same wheels, same color, same lip. With the Corolla, it’s more unique. It’s tough to find two corollas built the same (excludes tofu corollas).

 photo IMG_6752_zpsaei2sbjj.jpg

 photo IMG_6750_01_zps6d1ld7y7.jpg

 photo IMG_6741_01_zpsfndtrseg.jpg

 photo IMG_6722_zps5d9textq.jpg

AE86FC: So do you have any other future plans for your AE86 Coupe? If so, please share with us.

Feras: I’ve thought about painting the engine bay or changing the aero up. For now I want to enjoy it.

 photo IMG_6675_01_zpseppsgoki.jpg

 photo IMG_6681_zps7zlidamo.jpg

 photo IMG_6772_zpswkv481im.jpg

 photo IMG_6766_zpsgwvjh3rw.jpg

AE86FC: Do you have anyone to thank family wise, a shop, or a friend/buddies that helped make your dream AE86 car a reality?

Feras: Yes, my wife for putting up with all the spending and time working on the car and all the AE86 Fight Club guys. Without those guys, I wouldn’t have been able to find the car, the parts, and what not. They’ve been an invaluable resource and are always there to help.

 photo IMG_6784_01_zpsp4lh8pbx.jpg

Feras Faraj AE86 Coupe Specs:

-kouki oem bumpers & side skirts
-oem rain guards
-zenki oem front lip

-Japan kouki oem GT-V model full interior
-Cusco 6 point Cage
-Recaro SPG bucket
-Nardi Classic Steering wheel
-Defi Tachometer & oil/water gauges
-Alcantara dash

-DG-5 Coilovers
-Full front/rear battleversion adjustable arms
-SSR Modex Front, SSR Formula Mesh Rear, 15×9 -2 square
-205/50/15 Bridgestone Potenza RE-71R

-Bigport 16v
-Toda Cam Gears
-AE101 ITB
-Tec-Art’s funnels
-1NZ Coil On Plug
-Megasquirt MS3X

Photos and Article by Ed Nueva

Additional Photos:

 photo IMG_6732_zpskdt6w1dn.jpg

 photo IMG_6770_01_zpsinchszdi.jpg

 photo IMG_6779_zpsj6laikxm.jpg

 photo IMG_6719_01_zpsmzohgb4f.jpg

 photo IMG_6755_zpsunfxdtg4.jpg

 photo IMG_6763_01_zpsrrcfvvhx.jpg

 photo IMG_6701_zps3yq1ecse.jpg

 photo IMG_6762_01_zpsuqpm27hk.jpg

 photo IMG_6712_zpsdkztmlgn.jpg

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