AE86FC Resto-build SR5 Automatic? Challenge Accepted

For a few years now, once we finished our personal cars, we wanted to build a demo car for Ae86FC.  The car was to be used as a daily driver and shared among friends that contributed to the build.  The goal was to keep the character and soul of the car while driving, but of course having modern modifications that will improve drive-ability and reliability and ultimately keeping the 80’s soul that made this car so fun to drive.

We found the car randomly searching Craigslist looking for s2000 stuff.  Curious to see how the corolla market was like now a days, we saw a very clean red zenki SR5.  2 negative things..  1. It was automatic 2. It was overpriced.  But the interior and chassis pretty much caught our eye and said it was worth it to check it out.


The car was posted for 3600 USD which is pretty damn high for an automatic Sr5.   Once we met up with the nice old lady that was selling the car, I combed through this car very thoroughly and found that the frame and chassis was almost in perfect shape… EXCEPT!! for one thing.  The car had been bumped at maybe 5-10mph and crumpled part of the rear tail light panel and rear bumper.  It was hard to tell at first, but i noticed that some body lines looked a bit off.  The car drove perfect with a surprising 65k original miles with an amazing interior.

After weeks of waiting and talking to the owner, we had acquired the car for 2400 USD, which we believe is a great price for something so complete and original in today’s ae86 market.  Its no longer 2002 everyone – so finding a gem like this comes with its price.

some pics:




super clean under the chassis!!


super clean interior!!!


We took the car to get smogged – passed.  Happy that we didn’t have much trouble with it.

So far this car is looking promising.


We are currently putting a plan together to get the car ready and to see how we are going to go about this resto buildup.

The ultimate goal for this car is to:

  1. Build the ae86 to be driven anywhere reliably and comfortably without having doubts of any kind.
  2. Maintain the 80’s nostalgia.
  3. Utilize modern technology to add to the performance and reliability of the car without sacrificing the 80’s soul and overall drive feel.
  4. Use this car for product testing so that future ae86 owners can understand and relate to different modifications.
  5. Practicality over race. This will not be a full-on track car!!
  6. Japanese N1 nolstagia exterior styling – with complete interior for comfort and 80’s soul
  7. A truly comfortable and performing balance of a daily driven Ae86 in modern times.

Stayed tuned everyone – I really hope you guys can enjoy this buildup..  We will start tear down in the new year – 2017.






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