Shannon’s O.M.P. (One Mean Panda)

First off, I would like to apologize for all our readers for the lack of content for the Car Feature section. I know I haven't been active lately and have been greatly busy with life especially being a family man and a father to my precious L.O. (Little One)..... ehem!  Well, enough about that!! Anyway, … Continue reading Shannon’s O.M.P. (One Mean Panda)

Unsung Heroes: N2 Okayama 2016

The ever-evolving creation by mankind, the automobile. As an object created by us humans, we may also assume that we have full control of these rolling masterpieces. The surreptitious irony is that we are not and have not been in full control for over two decades. Are machines taking over human control? In recent times, … Continue reading Unsung Heroes: N2 Okayama 2016

Light, Nimble, and Keeps you Broke!! F12 Zenki Coupe

The AE86FC car feature for the month of January belongs to a passionate enthusiast who loves the AE86 platform so much that when he sold his old coupe a few years ago he got back into it and acquired another one.  Talk about going full circle, however this time around things got even better! He … Continue reading Light, Nimble, and Keeps you Broke!! F12 Zenki Coupe

AE86FC Resto-build SR5 Automatic? Challenge Accepted

For a few years now, once we finished our personal cars, we wanted to build a demo car for Ae86FC.  The car was to be used as a daily driver and shared among friends that contributed to the build.  The goal was to keep the character and soul of the car while driving, but of … Continue reading AE86FC Resto-build SR5 Automatic? Challenge Accepted

Tomei Expreme Ti

If you are into all things AE86 it'd be surprising you didn't know about the latest release from Tomei for this very popular platform. Full titanium exhaust released for the Toyota Corolla AE86 chassis and Fightclub was the first to test! Reference: Redefine the AE86The 2 ultimate exhausts for every AE86 enthusiast. TYPE-R Ultra … Continue reading Tomei Expreme Ti